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Getting personal with wearable tech

Kristian Barker  |  Adelphi Research UK
From the brightly coloured Fitbits, to the plethora of health apps available for Apple’s iWatch, it’s easy to see how the global market for wearable technology is on the increase, and how it’s fast becoming the new craze. According to analyst Gartner, 274.6 million wearable electronic...
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How to include the hard to reach?

Rebecca Marshall-Clarke  |  Adelphi Research UK
Are we in danger of focusing brand strategies only on engaged patients? 1art Patient–centricity has increasingly become a key element of pharma’s strategic decision–making. We are starting to see evidence that placing the patient at the heart of...
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La industria farmacéutica será ética o no será

Maite Artés  |  Adelphi Spain

Adelphi es una consultoría que trabaja para la industria farmacéutica desarrollando proyectos de investigación y comunicación en salud.

Está formada por un equipo de profesionales multidisciplinar (médicos, farmacéuticos, biólogos, psicólogos, estadísticos, economistas…) capaces de entender las necesidades de nuestros clientes y...
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