Adelphi in Spain encompasses a mix of capabilities and experience in his team of consultants able to provide an integrated and strategic business view of the healthcare sector that is unique in the market.


    Adelphi counts with internationally validated methodologies that guarantee efficacy and client confidence.


    TAdelphi has offices across Europe, the USA and Asia allowing to adapt our service offer according to client needs.

  • We are able to create what we believe

    At Adelphi we are convinced that the best ideas come from passionate, positive and happy people that enjoy their daily work.


Why Adelphi?

For our proven experience

In Spain since 2002 working with over 50 clients from the pharmaceutical and health sector.

For our commitment and dedication

We make your projects ours. We believe that each project is unique and a priority.

For being a team of senior consultants

Doctors, pharmacists, pharmaco-economists, biologists, psychologists, statisticians, sociologists, etc.

About Adelphi

Adelphi is a pharmaceutical marketing services company that
provides total research and communications solutions for brands in the health field.

At Adelphi, we're convinced that the best ideas come from
passion, positivity and happy people.

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  • Alba

    Responsible , organized, curious and...

  • Isabel

    Hard- working, responsible, positive and...

  • Naia

    Curious,  optimistic, committed and responsible....

  • Leah

    Responsible, meticulous, enthusiast and polyvalent...

  • Maite

    Strategic, creative, compassionate and flexible....

  • Nuria

    Connector, initiatior, emphatic and critical...

  • Ana

    Determined, optimistic, curious and committed....

  • Gloria

    Innovative, determined, flexible and responsible....

  • Ana María

    Responsible, attentive, sensitive and meticulous Degree...

  • Esther

    Facilitator, strategist, creative and versatile....

  • Marta

    Positive, pragmatic and creative Marta obtained...

  • Andrea

    Organized, responsible, empathetic and detailed-oriented....

  • Marta

    Curious, perfectionist, generous and hard-working....

  • Montse

    Steadfast, analytical, organised and meticulous....



How we do it

Our complete work model is based on positioning the brand so as to develop a scientific and strategic platform that will reveal the brand's distinctive value and create a perception of superiority in all parties concerned (healthcare professionals, patients, health authorities, and the general public).